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Stephen Shives
The Venturist

Stephen Shives

One Thing Leads to Another, will you find success when it does?

The Venturist is the story of 1 man, 11 different business ventures, and the life-lessons he learned along the way.



"The Venturist IS my story. The characters may be fictional, but the experiences made my life what it is today. I often tell people (when they ask what kind of work I do) that I've always made a living doing whatever I want to do at the time. That may be over-simplifying it a bit, but it is very true. Solomon once said in Ecclesiastes: "There is nothing better than a man enjoy his work, and the fruit it produces." I believe I have been blessed with the ability to do just that, and hopefully encourage others in the meantime."

-Stephen Shives-


ISBN 13: 978-0-9746-3561-3   hardcover 112pgs.  Retail: $14.95

  For a limited time, we are offering signed, hardcover 1st Editions of "The Venturist" for only $9.00 w/shipping, to celebrate the approach of our second printing. Makes a great gift and the proceeds continue to support world missions.

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