September 2019   
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"Stuffed with Love"
Katelyn Shives

"Stuffed with Love"

...a ministry of hope and encouragement, to those needing a reminder that God loves them, and they

are not alone in the journey of life.

Nursing Homes - Hospitals - Crisis Pregnancy Centers

"Stuffed with Love" operates with the understanding that blessings are transferable through the power of prayer, and a point of contact.

Whether that point of contact is in the form of a plush filled doll, a prayer blanket, a pair of knitted baby-booties, or a simple hand-shake; the power of prayer is just as unlimited, as the number of needs for prayer in today's society.

We also recognize that effective ministry is not limited to those with formal ministry education, or of a certain age. "Stuffed with Love" has become a meaningful way for children to put their faith into practice. When children pray, God hears from a pure heart and acts on their behalf.

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